Saturday, November 12, 2011

Medicine Trees

Willow draping stories like waterfalls through the air

Chestnuts throwing daggers

Dripping perfume sap and resin

Broken limbs and torn ligaments

Ripped shoulders across the forest

Open, wounded, left

Littered medicine on neighbors lawns

Left for mulch and compost

Never taken for flu, tea, fire, scars

I scoop the drips from the branch

and dot it carefully on my daughter's incision

she says "thank you"

and I say "thank you"

to all the trees with giant scars

and take home the abandon medicine

for my chest.

Longing to create more meaningful nature practices? Called into the Forest to learn the Medicine of the Tree Nation?
Struggling to put into practice all those notions of Self-Care? Need real tools to help you put YOU first? Longing for a woman's voice to remind you how beautiful and powerful you are?

1 comment:

PATRICIA said...

Timely poem and well done! Just got back from a walk along our country lane where yesterday the fall winds tore leaves and branches off the trees. We scooped up broken branches for fir needle food and broken cottonwood for bud medicine...we rarely pass up an opportunity to make easy medicine when the winds of fate deposit it at our feet...enjoy your day!