Friday, February 12, 2010

Work in Progress II

I wonder if the reason

we - artists-writers-herbalists-soft underbelly mamas -

don't get the work in the world

we wish for

is because we are so damn busy waiting for


waiting for the right business to hire us


for the right school to say you graduated

(it's official!)

for the right business partner

(I can't do it without a scapegoat)

or whatEVER

and we keep getting only some of what we need.

MAYBE we keep waiting for that special validation

with the right hours and perfect situation

because we are to damn scared to say

I'm good at what I do

I take responsibility for my learning curve

I have the right to make my hours,

create the structure right for me,

to be unique

and excellent

and at the mercy of no one else's


besides my own.

Maybe we would prosper if we decided

we were so passionate at what we did that we were


learning more

and maybe we would prosper

if we had the guts

to shamelessly

self promote.

We wouldn't want to be confident, now would we?

That would be arrogant, presumptuous.

How can you have any objectivity towards yourself?

I am good at what I do.

I love what I do.

I care about my work.

I can make my own hours,

meet my own needs and those of my family,

take care of my home and the land I love,

and I deserve to make good money for it.

Without overworking.

Without extremism.

Without selling my ideas

or pride

or leaking out my well of energy.

There is room in this world for good people to prosper.

We are good at what we do.


Lyon said...

So mote it be! You have no idea how I've been struggling with these things myself this past year. It was very healing and good to read your words this morning, thank you.

christinemm said...

Great poem!

To this for me I would add something along these lines, "What I do is good enough to expect to get paid for it not always giving it away for free, I should not being afraid to charge for it, the work is worthy, and others with lower quality are selling theirs, and making money. And sometimes even those who don't think we should charge for what we give them for free- they do not hesitate to charge us for what they offer to us. We are worthy. We are good enough."

(The wild dogwood is a favorite tree of mine and you have captured that lovely tinge of green in the blossom--that sometimes eludes the camera.)

Yarrow said...

Thank you. I so very much needed to read this right now. Wonderful! Blessings.

Renee Unplugged - said...


FloridaSusan said...

Ananda: You have struck right to the heart of the matter...and to my heart...with your well-spoken words. You are a young woman and I hope for all young women to learn these lessons sooner and sooner as we evolve! I am now 50...a baby crone...and still trying to learn to affirm myself this way. Blessings...

tansy said...

so well spoken ananda! i'm very honored that i have a place in life that doesn't require me to punch a time clock like the rest of the sheep...i like setting my own pace and hours and going to the beat of my own drum. this life feels right.

Betsy said...

Echoing the other comments here. Thank You!

The Plant Whisperer said...

You are all so welcome. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts in return!
Spring Blessings,

Mischa said...

i've stumbled across your beautiful blog this morning and your words resonate with my own dreams... which i am in the process of building... oh! how it takes self trust! warm wishes and great joy to you! Mischa