Saturday, July 4, 2009

Herbal Roots - a blessing to all plant folk


I have been wanting to do a little promotion for Herbal Roots - and have been having a hell of a time trying to insert a picture/link widget into my wordpress blog for the Wilderness School (I still have my hair but it was getting close)

SO.... I am going to sing some unabashed praise here, and add, as you will see, her sweet little badge/link on my side bar.

Simply put, I LOVE Herbal Roots. Herbalist, Homesteader and loving Mama, Kristine Brown of LunaHerbCo., hand writes and illustrates every sweet little morsel in there.... and they are generous 20+ pages of herbal wisdom, games, lore, projects, and medicinal facts.

I've enjoyed playing in these pages myself, and have also used them for our little ones (the Micro-Scouts) at our Wilderness Homeschool programs, who adore it.

I love the accessible nature of the information ... such a breath of fresh air compared to the dense reading in many herbal books. I love that I can learn it and immediately go and DO it ... it is satisfying and leaves a lasting imprint of each of the plants.

Each plant is picked in a timely manner - at least for much of the eastern/central part of the US, the plant written about won't be far from reach, and ripe for the pickin'

At a superbly affordable price, I assume it a part of my own monthly growing as an herbalist, and I love supporting another Green Mama.

For your own PDF copies.... go here: HERBAL ROOTS ... and don't forget to share on Facebook or any other networks you might belong too.


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tansy said...

thank YOU ananda! what a sweet promotion of my zine! i truly enjoy writing each month's edition and hope to continue to do so for many years to come!