Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Herbal Intensive

I am offering an Herbal Intensive for adults this Summer. It will be once a week (Wednesdays) for seven weeks, 9am - 3pm. I am very excited and I hope some of you can join me.

It will take place where I work, Great Hollow Wilderness School, in New Fairfield, CT. The land is enchanted and we will get to see plenty of it, since this course will not take place indoors. We will be on the land for the entire time aside from snippets where we may need a kitchen. All other heating will be over a campfire.

We will learn first hand from the plants, and use all our senses to gain information. We will hike through different habitats and examine them. We will learn some simple botany, plant families, and practical herbal wisdom. We will teach each other, get wet in the river, harvest and prepare medicinal and edible plants growing in abundance. We will cover a lot of material, yet it will be simple, digestible and applicable in everyday life. Indexing, journaling, and homework will be implemented. We will also be exploring herbal energetics, vocabulary for the herbalist, and probably a few unknown surprises too. :)

Herbal Intensive for beginners, ages 18 + 
Wednesdays June 24 - August 5, 9 am - 3 pm
Fee $ 450, deposit required

Green Blessings!


Sarah said...

Good luck with this, Ananda, I hope it goes really well!

Kristena Haslam said...

What a blessed community to have you aiding them in their plant learning, Ananda.
be blessed my sister

Anonymous said...

I'd love to join you in this...I'm looking at my budget....

Greenlee's Forest said...

This sounds so wonderful & exciting Ananda! How I would love to participat with you.

The Plant Whisperer said...

Oh Greenlee how I wish that too!!!!!

Thanks Sarah!