Saturday, April 18, 2009

First Harvest

When there is a day so beautiful
so plentiful
so enchanted
so nourishing
that time stands still long enough for you to revel in the piercing beauty.
when the sun hits you in exactly the way you imagined immortality to feel,
so perfect, so painfully temporary,
so long awaited.
When the day rolls by with moment after moment of exquisite life,
it is all I can do to spend it with her,
at my fingertips
Sting by sting, 
cold feet in the water,
bags full of harvest,
heart full of relief.


Marqueta said...

What a lovely feast for the eyes and heart!

Your spring is about one month ahead of ours here in southeast Idaho, it seems.

I'll be looking forward to greens to harvest here!


tansy said...

i'm not familiar with the plants in the first three pictures, what are they?

The Plant Whisperer said...

Ramps (Or Rampions: aka wild leeks)


Not the skunk cabbage though - those are the larger look-alikes with pronounced ribbing.