Monday, March 9, 2009

Little promises

I started a soda culture. I've tried making soda (lacto-fermented kind) before and it was a total failure. I have high hopes for this process and am grateful to for the explicit video tutorials and super simple recipe. 

The kids and I took to the cottonwood beach again. It was the warmest day yet and a grand blessing to be outside comfortably. The buds on the trees were vibrating with life force and there were lots of small, concentrated promises of spring to be found. Walking slowly, receiving each loving promise from Mother Nature, was healing beyond measure.
The reflection on the river was crystalline. So pure that each color was exact. 
I love these Cottonwood trees.
And I love how life is always spiraling. I love that my spiral came to visit me in the grass at the base of my river. She spoke to me. "It all spirals. It all layers. It all opens and closes, as life breathes on."
Indeed it does. This last week I am grateful for it's breath. Before the weekend, it was a week of surrender and of sadness, of giving up. She did the breathing for me. And I am still here, taking new breaths. Healing. Letting the hammock of the spiral carry me for a while.


LisaZ said...

I love what your spiral had to say, too. Beautiful.

linda said...

good luck with the soda! Nice that the spiral showed up at the right moment.....hope you breathe easier as time flows onward...

Yarrow said...

Beautiful post. I too am enjoying those first days of spring's promise to come. Thanks and blessings.