Friday, July 6, 2007

Moon Garden

I am so excited. My daughter and I started our Moon Garden. We dug out the outline and fed it with organic fertilizer ( we have very clay soil here). You can see the very weak start of the stone border-to-be. The circle will don a large homemade tipi, laden with climbing moonflowers and roses, and other pretty climbers we haven't thought of yet. The crescent moon will be filled with silver and white plants, like Datura, Artemisia's, Lobelia .... and I'm sure we will build it over time.
The coolest thing about this is that we can actually look over the top of it from our deck, admiring the design at it's fullest.
My daughter is ten, and making this garden with her is really special. She's a hard working gardener, and an impressive conversationalist. What could be more magical?


Greenlee's Forest said...

It's so beautiful! I love it ~ and what a lovely thing to see from your deck.

My son is turning 10 in a couple of weeks - aren't they incredible? So full of ideas and humor!

Ananda said...

Hello Love! YES - Ten is really magickal. I mean - all the ages are - but there is something about ten. It's inbetween, like the magick of twilight, where unexpected, subtle, miracles occur.
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love, Ananda