Sunday, June 10, 2007


I'll be spending some time on pause...... while I wait for my new laptop to arrive. Our other one died after a good life, and with it went a LOT of photographs. So while I'm waiting, I'll be in the garden, the woods, and where ever else I stop to capture nature's wonder in my camera and more so in my heart.
The changes are incredible now, while a whole new carnival of forceful buds and flowers thrust into blossom, throwing their arms open in sweet abandon to the sun and rain. The profusion of roses arriving in bands over one night, smothering the walking path with perfume, is as seductive as it gets. The Salvia, my pending post, has put on her velvet blue jewelery and come out to greet the Solstice. Tall, prestigious, and ever-calm Valerian puts on a classy show and oversees the rest of the garden. Her scent gently coating the top layer of air above the roses. Down below, covering more of the garden each year, crawl the strawberries and peppermints, like fairies of the soil and secret-keepers to the cats. The silvery fingers of the wormwood shimmy and dance in each breeze like a Gypsy moon dance.
The changing ecstasy of the garden is ever hypnotising, ever giving, and ever mysterious even within her repetition.

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Kiva Rose said...

oooohhhh, Sage and Rose, my two favoritest plants! I hope you get your laptop so you can do the Salvia post soon!!!!