Herbal Ally 2011

A beautiful an meaningful facilitation of a yearlong alliance with a plant. This is a deep and powerful way to assimilate plant healing, (taught and touted by today's renowned grassroots herbalists such as Susun Weed and Gail Faith Edwards) and an extremely generous offering by Kristine Brown, author of Herbal Roots Zine, to help us along the path with challenges, tips, inspiration, and role modeling. Lucky us!

Join the plant journey with me here, or walk along side Kristine on her blog, Dancing in a Field of Tansy. Others who are participating are also linked from her Ally page.

Herbal Ally 2011

Due to my laundry list of winter upheavals, I'm way behind! Good thing I like to multitask - I should be caught up in no time. This will be a delicious facet of my Medicine Woman Mentorship path as well.

Here are the challenges presented so far. I will link to my completed tasks when they are finished. (Now I have to choose a plant ally - for a whole year! Gasp!)

Getting Started:
Having a Herbal Ally
Finding a Herbal Ally

My Herbal Ally ~ Apple
Herbal Ally Tools

January Challenges:
Herbal Ally Challenge #1: Decorating your Journal Cover
Herbal Ally Challenge #1 Completed
Herbal Ally Challenge #2: Infusions
Herbal Ally Challenge #2 Completed
Herbal Ally Challenge #3: Research Part I
Herbal Ally Challenge #3 Completed

~My first post referring to the above challenges~

Herbal Ally Challenge #4: Impressions
Herbal Ally Challenge #4 Completed

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